The correlation between social media and seo

Some people debate over the correlation between Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, is social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter help a website become highly searchable or successfully optimized?

According to website owners, social media definitely help boost traffic on their sites and makes ranking on search engine high. Obviously, more people are into social media that is why it is the easiest way to reach your target market without exerting too much effort.

Contrary to the popular belief that the only purpose of social media for websites is to establish the business or blog to specific group of people for the sake of traffic increase, social media is absolutely related to rankings and link building.

In most social networks, you are allowed to post links of blog posts or articles, as many as you can. Internal and external links can make a page or the entire site go on top of the list in search engines since these posts will not be labeled as spam unlike in websites.

Internet marketers and web handlers understand the importance of hashtags in SEO while people with no idea about it thinks it is just an ordinary trend. These tags are keywords used to make a post accessible to all internet users. It is not a secret to anybody that proper usage of keywords makes the page or website search engine optimized.

Business owners would not hire social media marketers if they will not benefit from it. They are willing to pay for these experts just to be on top of the rank and become popular among the businesses with the same nature.  It is totally believable that Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are connected as long as the appropriate methods are applied and understood.

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