Is Twileshare.com a social media?

No. It is a blog made for business owners and internet marketers who want to understand the advantages of social media and how SEO works.

Are you affiliated to any company?

No. Twileshare is an independent blog and I am not connected to any company, even those mentioned in some articles I have posted in the past. Although, I am open to external links or also knows as backlinks to help my fellow bloggers and my blog as well.

Do you promote other businesses on your blog?

I introduce social media platforms in my blog posts especially if there are updates or new sites that we can use to help our businesses to be recognized. I do not endorse any company nor Search Engine Optimization tools developed and offered by so called internet marketers.

How often do you post articles in your website?

I usually write three times a week. I post updates and results of a certain technique or method I have applied to see if it is effective or not.

Do you go to SEO or Social Media seminars and events?

Yes. I love attending conventions because I enjoy learning new things from other people. As much as possible, I share my thoughts, opinions and learnings from the discussion in my blog so my readers will get an idea of the benefits or disadvantages of some tools and approaches.

Do you organize symposiums about Search Engine Optimization?

No, not yet. But, I am thinking of conducting a webinar (Web seminar) about SEO techniques and social media marketing in the near future. I also do hope that one day, Twileshare can hold a conference for internet marketers in Queensland.